My 100 Pound Weight Loss Story

In 2016 I started my journey to lose 100 pounds. I had previously lost around 100 pounds in 2011 but unfortunately I did not educate myself about healthy eating and I did not make moving my body a priority. While I did workout I did it only as a means to burn calories and not as a way to make myself feel good.
During my second and ultimately successful journey, I chose to make fitness a huge part of my life. I hired a personal trainer and started eating low carb. I was able to watch myself slowly transform, both physically and mentally. I transitioned from low carb to calorie counting and eventually was able to eat intuitively and focus on fueling my body rather than losing weight.
I went from a private personal trainer to a group training gym where I discovered my passion for working out competitively (even if at the time it was only in my own head). I started training for a Spartan race in April 2017 and completed my first race in June 2017. I now race at a competitive level and have completed over 25 races.
I currently receive private coaching individualized to my sport and am an avid runner. I LOVE cooking and that has been a huge help when it comes to my weight loss and now maintenance. I have been maintaining my weight loss for over 3 years now (with some bumps in the road admittedly).
While I certainly struggled with my relationship with food and it took a lot of time for me to gain interest in actually fueling my body the right way, I eventually realized the food is fuel and that for optimal performance (which is very important to me) I must eat enough of the right things and listen to my body. I have a masters degree in psychology (currently pursuing my PhD) and my education has been a big part of my success as well.

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